Ice Cream Express is an Independent local business serving Long Island and Westchester County since 1996.

Installing an Ice Cream vending unit attracts more customers while broadening your base income.

Vending machine delivery, installation, product purchase, deliveries, maintenance, parts, and repair services are provided at no expense to you.

Every vending machine displays our Toll-Free 24/7 phone number for same or next-day repair service.

With a wide range of products to address taste, affordability, demographics, and dietary requirements, we can tailor a specific program
to meet the preferences of you and your customers to acheive maximum attraction and sales revenues.

Products choices are carefully selected to meet the criteria of your customers:Product BrandsDietary IndexProduct Index

Computerized POS (Point-of-Sale) Inventory Monitoring
Allows us to schedule deliveries as often as required to prevent lost sales due to 'Sold-Out' and 'Out-of-Product' conditions.

No-hassle Refund Policy: Cash Refund-Reimbursement payable to you at time of routine deliveries.

Two choices of American made vending machines  allow for indoor/outdoor and efficient space utilization.

All vending machines are either new or refurbished by our expert technicians prior to installation for reliability and appearance.
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